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Humanitarian Aid for Hardship

The Foundation offers products to help to people of all ages in Australia who have food allergy intolerance problems, in particular, those who have problems with cow’s milk.


  Wheylite was developed by a Brisbane Doctor-Nutritionist in 1982, specifically for people who have problems with animal milk, be it cow's milk or even goat's milk. No animal milk was ever designed for human consumption.  Human breast milk is a whopping 80% whey. Whey is highly nutritious, containing nearly all the amino acids, vitamins and   minerals we need in an easily digestible form. Cow's milk is only 20% whey, the other 80% is made for calves, not for people, When whey is separated from milk, all the ingredients which are not suitable for humans are removed, especially mucin.  Mucin is that which causes a calve’s nose to be runny. Calves continually lick their noses, creating moisture and steam in their nostrils, and that is their filtration system because they have no nostril hair.

Now you know why people, children and adults get phlegm and runny noses when they drink milk or have anything containing milk, whole or trim.

Whey by itself contains no fat and doesn't taste too good, but Wheylite contains 1.2% vegetable fat instead of animal fat for taste and mouth feel. The vegetable fat is from various mixtures and is totally digestible and non allergenic. The lactose level is negligible in the final product. It's Interesting that lactose is very high in human breast milk, which is the best food possible for babies. Wheylite has been finely tuned since 1982 and is very tasty. It can be used anywhere as a replacement for milk. 

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Floods and droughts cause much grief and hardship to many in Australia and abroad. 

All profit goes directly to the families, not to middle man agencies.

No wages are paid to anyone within the Wheylite Foundation.

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